Definition of dig a hole for oneself (or dig oneself into a hole) in English:

dig a hole for oneself (or dig oneself into a hole)


  • Get oneself into an awkward or restrictive situation.

    • ‘And we are further digging ourselves into a hole by endorsing the use of police interrogation methods that experts throughout the world know don't work.’
    • ‘I think he wanted to stop me before I dug myself into a hole.’
    • ‘If you push yourself too much all at once, you will end up digging yourself into a hole.’
    • ‘He said he panicked because he was on probation and told the jury he had dug a hole for himself and that was why he wanted to tell the truth and come clean.’
    • ‘We Texans have a saying: ‘When you find you've dug yourself into a hole, the very first thing to do is quit digging.’’
    • ‘Yet, as she began to walk over to them, she knew she had dug herself into a hole, but she tried to keep her chin up, especially after glancing back to the group.’
    • ‘Daddy, you're digging a hole for yourself by not telling her the truth.’
    • ‘And the more a government has dug itself into a hole, the more it believes that everyone is out to get it.’
    • ‘But the Princess continues to dig herself into a hole.’
    • ‘You've already dug a hole for yourself, a nasty part of my mind stated.’