Definition of dieldrin in English:



mass noun
  • A toxic insecticide produced by the oxidation of aldrin, now largely banned because of its persistence in the environment.

    A chlorinated epoxide; chemical formula: C₁₂H₈Cl₆O

    • ‘But some pesticides, such as dieldrin or aldicarb, can permeate the entire body of the fruit or vegetable.’
    • ‘In short, it may be your cat which is poisoned by the dieldrin aimed at the Japanese beetle.’
    • ‘DDT, dieldrin, lindane and other cancer-causing pesticides, many of them sprayed from airplanes, were not banned until 1989.’
    • ‘Many pesticides which were once very familiar contaminants - DDT, aldrin, dieldrin, and toxaphene - have been banned in the US, Canada, and the UK.’
    • ‘He published a paper last year which showed that women with high levels of the pesticide dieldrin in their blood were four times more likely to die from breast cancer than those with low levels.’


1940s: blend of the name Diels (see Diels–Alder reaction) + aldrin.