Definition of dieffenbachia in English:



  • A plant of a genus that includes dumb cane and its relatives.

    Genus Dieffenbachia, family Araceae

    • ‘Can you tell me if the pods that form on the top of my dieffenbachia are harmful to the plant?’
    • ‘Along with the magnificent orchids are aroids, a family including dieffenbachias, philodendrons and other popular indoor plants.’
    • ‘Some of the best plants for low-light conditions belong to the aroid family, which includes philodendrons, pothos, peace lilies, anthuriums, dieffenbachias, and Chinese evergreens.’
    • ‘The wide leaves of the dieffenbachias tend to hold dust and this might obstruct their breathing.’
    • ‘The dieffenbachia is an ornamental plant that is used fundamentally like an indoor plant.’


Modern Latin, named after Ernst Dieffenbach (1811–55), German horticulturalist.