Definition of die on the vine in English:

die on the vine


  • Be unsuccessful at an early stage.

    • ‘Neither his children nor V.J.'s wanted to take over the operation, so all those years of tradition died on the vine.’
    • ‘Many innovative aircraft designs died on the vine at this point, but the BV - 238 managed to cling tenaciously to life.’
    • ‘From time to time, individuals tried to overcome this divide, but the efforts simply died on the vine.’
    • ‘During his undergraduate years at Harvard, however, that dream died on the vine as Phillips discovered the academic subjects he loved in high school - calculus, biology, and so on - were suddenly downright dull to him.’
    • ‘Are you cultivating them or are they dying on the vine?’
    • ‘Specialized distribution is dying on the vine.’
    • ‘Any good idea put forward simply dies on the vine.’
    • ‘Linda's words provoked mockery by her former classmate, Jackie Wang, who once worked for a dotcom that died on the vine.’
    • ‘It appears the economic fruit promised by Massachusetts politicians of every stripe is dying on the vine.’
    • ‘I believe this effort died on the vine as I don't recall reading anything more on this subject in future Abstracts.’