• An established connection between coins struck from the same die.

    • ‘I would be quite surprised to find die links between solid and plated coins.’
    • ‘This graph illustrates the reduced slide velocity of a progressive die link compared to a standard crank motion.’
    • ‘It wasn't until he discovered die links of these Apollonia Pontika and Mesembria diobol fakes for sale as replicas in the gift shop of Bulgaria's National Historical Museum that the matter was finally put to rest.’
    • ‘But finding die links or die identities in the broader category of imitations has proven to be elusive.’
    • ‘The 31 plates illustrate the coins and die links, early Macedonian coinage, and unpublished hoard material.’
    • ‘The die links here are clear, note the mouth and lips on the obverse and the ‘O’ in Vot on the reverse.’
    • ‘As yet I have found no die links between the two series.’
    • ‘It'd take die links to provide that proof, and I don't see that yet, just an unusual letter form, and prominent centration marks.’
    • ‘There are die links (cases of the same die being used to strike different coins) between the original high weight standard and the lower 10-11g standard, indicating that the weight reduction was both fairly quick and probably reactive rather than planned.’


[with object]die-link
  • Establish a connection between (coins).

    • ‘Such pendants were produced in multiples: the two pendants from Wingham are identical and are die-linked to a third pendant found in Grave 134 in the nearby Dover Buckland cemetery.’
    • ‘The two varieties from this blundered reverse die, Breen 3 - D and 4 - D, are not die-linked to any other group of marriages, thus, cannot easily be placed in the exact order of production.’
    • ‘The cited denarius with the Wreath on Curule Chairs reverse is die-linked to a denarius with a normal legend, showing that the variant denarii are not contemporary counterfeits, nor the products of a branch mint.’
    • ‘Except for die-linking, all of the above methods are dependent upon accurate and complete classification.’
    • ‘The obverse and reverse die link to coins in major museum collections.’
    • ‘A single plated coin of a small north Syrian mint operating under Antiochus VIII is die-linked to full silver coins of the same type, but she says this can be explained by a stolen die.’