Definition of die-cast in English:



  • (of a metal object) formed by pouring molten metal into a reusable mould.

    ‘a die-cast aluminium loudspeaker chassis’
    • ‘The No.106 Trigger Lock has a steel and zinc die-cast body and rubber pads to protect the trigger and block trigger movement.’
    • ‘The Japanese toy novelty the Transformer - a die-cast vehicle that turned into a semi-human robot warrior with a few deft tugs on wheels and other parts - was purchased by Hasbro in 1984.’
    • ‘For example, a die-cast replica of Earnhardt's race car costing $20 out of the box suddenly can fetch $50 if it bears Earnhardt's signature.’
    • ‘While metal molding could meet the shielding advantages and ruggedness of die-cast magnesium, it could not meet the minimum wall thicknesses required.’
    • ‘Mattel's Matchbox car collectibles get a boost with the Map & Go fire truck, while its Hot Wheels go from four to two wheels with new die-cast motocross collectibles.’
    • ‘Some company actually produced a series of die-cast racing cars called ‘Dot-Com Racers,’ which is just about the most idiotic idea ever.’
    • ‘Debuting here is GE's newest 48-inch range, with die-cast knobs, dual-flame stacked burners, and dishwasher-safe grates.’
    • ‘One-piece, die-cast aluminum construction means these Bega wall sconces are seriously heavy duty for indoor or outdoor use.’
    • ‘The units feature a die-cast aluminum housing and sealed industrial M12 connectors.’
    • ‘And as if getting all that stuff in each disc case wasn't enough you also get three racing team decals and three die-cast metal cars in a gift box.’
    • ‘Here, the firm chose a fixture made from chrome-plated steel joined to an adjustable die-cast aluminum adapter.’
    • ‘The Klay Gun is constructed of sturdy, die-cast zinc alloy.’
    • ‘And while the solid die-cast alloy construction of the Tannoy speakers is impressive, the sound is too: intelligent wide-angle coverage sends well-balanced sound almost anywhere within the room.’
    • ‘Dodge's biggest coup was a deal with General Mills to put a die-cast car from the Dodge race team in a window box on the front of 14 million cereal boxes; Dodge got most of the back for a brand message.’
    • ‘Dammit, they still used to have die-cast metal when I was a lad.’
    • ‘The module also is lighter than the die-cast aluminum parts it replaces.’
    • ‘Some items such as rail ends and eye tops are made from die-cast aluminum as well as galvanized steel.’
    • ‘For example, a die-cast Dinky lorry that sold for less than £1 in 1950 fetched £12,000 earlier this year.’
    • ‘The firearm is protected from the lock's die-cast metal alloy with rubber-like padding.’
    • ‘Available in twenty-five-, fifty-, seventy-five-, and hundred-foot lengths, these tapes had a black zinc die-cast case with a white blade.’


[with object]usually as noun die-casting
  • Make (a metal object) by pouring molten metal into a mould.

    • ‘When thin walls and close dimensional tolerances are required, and if the quantity does not warrant die-casting, shell mold casting, plaster mold casting, or investment casting are often employed.’
    • ‘Metal woods were lighter, cheaper to manufacture, and could be die-cast in clever ways to optimize the sweet spot.’
    • ‘High carbon Ni-Cr-Mo cast iron is useful for resisting thermal shock in applications such as die-casting moulds and brake-drums.’
    • ‘Both methods employ the use of permanent moulds, usually similar to those used for die-casting but of different metal, and castings can be produced weighing from a few ounces up to hundredweights by this method.’
    • ‘Around 100 GMB union members are taking strike action at Lupton & Place's two die-casting factories in Burnley.’
    • ‘Executives said the company will forge shafts and ring gears, die-cast the center support casting and provide machining, welding and assembly lines for the production and final assembly of both modules.’
    • ‘THE 100 strikers, members of the GMB union, at Lupton & Place die-casting factories in Burnley returned to work last week.’
    • ‘Workers at a die-casting works in Burnley are upping their strike action over pay.’
    • ‘Both types of alloys are suitable for both die-casting and sand casting.’
    • ‘The additional processes - stamping of major body panels, plastic injection molding and low pressure die-casting - will bring HMA's total initial investment to $440 million.’
    • ‘The plant is equipped with seven automated aluminum die-casting cells for the production of transmission and differential housings, mass-balancing housing and housing covers.’
    • ‘Initially developed and marketed for gravity casting, the new zinc-aluminum alloys are gaining industrial acceptance for die-casting.’
    • ‘CWM then considered magnesium die-casting and thixotropic metal molding.’
    • ‘Gammons said pressure faced by the magnesium die-casting industry from the automotive industry to reduce costs will keep prices down at a level where Chinese imports will be uneconomic after the duties are levied.’
    • ‘Our analysis showed an association between the onset of MS-like disease in work areas where these chemicals were used and where die-casting occurred (correlated exposures).’
    • ‘NASA High-Strength Alloy can be poured as a molten metal into conventional steel molds or die-casting molds to create specially shaped parts - a cost-saving advantage over machining of parts.’
    • ‘Also, the fact that a die-casting may be made of a magnesium-base composition and used in place of another material which is not suitable for the die-casting process may lead to substantial savings.’
    shape, form, fashion, model, work, construct, frame, make, create, configure, manufacture, design, sculpt, sculpture, throw
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