Definition of didn't in English:



  • Did not.

    • ‘I said that it wasn't if you didn't try but that it would do if it was the best you could manage.’
    • ‘He didn't know what was wrong with her but he did know that her mother was extremely ill.’
    • ‘We didn't see the last band as it was getting late and we both had long train journeys ahead of us.’
    • ‘So when they told us to tighten our belts we did it, but it didn't make any difference.’
    • ‘He wants to focus on having a family because he didn't have the chance to do that before.’
    • ‘You may need to come to terms with a parent who treated you poorly or didn't raise you well.’
    • ‘He didn't know about it so I ran upstairs to get his stocking off the bottom of his bed.’
    • ‘It seemed to be some kind of justice to me and I didn't have a problem with the decision.’
    • ‘Later that evening she told him she didn't fancy him and was happy just to be friends.’
    • ‘They didn't need a magic cape or a microchip to give them the power to triumph over evil.’
    • ‘Thank you goes a long way, and it was a thank you that didn't even need to come from Griffin.’
    • ‘He didn't seem to have control of it, it was as if he was having to fight to stop it going the other way.’
    • ‘If Lott didn't see the storm coming, it was in part because it was so slow in building.’
    • ‘It didn't quite go according to plan and we ended up pouring it back into the bottle.’
    • ‘He said he didn't know what it was and thought it was a lizard when he first got it.’
    • ‘When she didn't answer the doorbell he said he forced the door and went into the flat.’
    • ‘We have the debris of rockets in our garden to prove it, even though we didn't set off any!’
    • ‘Back in the good old days everyone knew their place and didn't seek to rise above it.’
    • ‘He didn't have his mask on at first but then he pulled it down and swore at me that he wanted the money.’
    • ‘We were working in the shop last night so we didn't have a chance to see this on television.’