Definition of dictation speed in English:

dictation speed


mass noun
  • A rate of speech slow enough for someone to be able to write down what is said.

    • ‘The passage will then be read through a second time at dictation speed with punctuation in French, the text being divided into sections or phrases, each of which is repeated once.’
    • ‘Get your dictation speed up and learn all the ‘written knowledge’ material necessary.’
    • ‘If I may say so, parts of your Lordship's summing were delivered at rather more than dictation speed, and sometimes not very loudly.’
    • ‘Supervised laboratory practice periods are designed to build preliminary dictation speed and to reinforce in-class instruction related skills of punctuation, spelling, and word usage.’
    • ‘The user can now speak normally - saving the users’ vocal chords and raising the dictation speed levels.’
    • ‘Speaking at dictation speed so that there can be no misunderstanding, he says: ‘I would reply very ferociously on that one.’’
    • ‘Even for faster typists, the time saving can be significant: while a fast, accurate typist can typically produce a net 50 wpm, dictation speed usually averages 140 to 160 wpm.’
    • ‘That was repeated to the jury at dictation speed.’
    • ‘Emphasis is placed on continued development of dictation speed and improvement of transcription skill on mailable copy including grammar and letter placement.’
    • ‘Using the multimodal system, novices’ dictation speed nearly doubled to about 40 words a minute; average users’ speed increased slightly to 44 words a minute.’