Definition of dicky bird in English:

dicky bird


  • A child's word for a bird.

    • ‘The trees and shrubs attract thousands of migrant dickey birds (warblers, sparrows, swallows, kinglets, vireos), and the marsh vegetation attracts several species or rails, American Bitterns, and Black-crowned Nightherons.’
    • ‘You can watch eagles and loons, warblers that migrate here, dickey birds, and waterfowl.’
    • ‘He often leaves the lakewatching to look for dickey birds.’
    • ‘A few minutes later my two companions and I walked down a country road examining the little dickey birds perched along the fence.’
    • ‘A tiny dicky bird has told me Edmonton's answer to Rufus Wainwright will bring his quirky sensibility to the upcoming Enbridge Symphony in the Park.’
    • ‘A little dicky bird tootled discordantly by the waterhole the other day, distracting the Professor from his joyful sifting of all the bargains to be found on the bustling bourses of our free-market world.’
    • ‘Crossbills are fairly small dickey birds, and he didn't notice it until a split second before he drove over it, but since he didn't squish it with his wheels, he used a CB radio to call the field trip van behind him to stop and check it out.’
    • ‘Basically, Alt was a sock puppet in an elaborate and sinister plot hatched by Audubon Pennsylvania to eradicate the state's deer, thereby achieving its secret goal of ending all hunting and seizing control of public land, the better to raise dickey birds.’
    • ‘One of the most serious threats quail and dickey birds face today is the growing number of feral and ‘outdoor’ cats.’
    • ‘One could probably spend a lifetime trying to figure out the subtleties and peculiarities of the behavior of just the dickey birds inhabiting this amazing area.’
    • ‘The best dickey bird of the day was a single Cedar Waxwing sitting on the wire just in front of the watch.’
    • ‘That's what a little dicky bird claims to have overheard, and he has passed along the transcript to the Professor.’
    • ‘There were books, books, books, largely technical, pamphlets largely specializing in just one branch of Conservation, like soils or Forestry or Wildlife, and mailing material on wild flowers and dickey birds.’


  • not a dicky bird

    • informal Not a word; nothing at all.

      ‘‘Did you hear from her?’ ‘Not a dicky bird.’’
      • ‘I haven't had one phone call from him since, not a dicky bird.’
      • ‘I'm sitting by the computer waiting to pounce on any juicy news this holiday weekend, but so far not a dicky bird.’
      • ‘We did not hear a single dicky bird from the National Party.’
      • ‘‘We've not heard from Hull at all - not a dicky bird,’ said Caisley.’
      • ‘We in this town do have an annual reception for a few of those who have given their time and effort to help the elderly, the poor, the sick - but not a dicky bird from government to recognise those people.’
      • ‘I sent the application on 7 October from Sydney, they've taken the deposit, but not a dicky bird on acknowledgment.’
      • ‘I took my wife there at the weekend and not a dicky bird of bad language was heard.’
      • ‘As I haven't heard a dicky bird back from Mike I don't think he's that impressed or convinced by my argument.’
      • ‘As far as we know Bourn didn't say a dicky bird to this effect.’
      • ‘I half expected the brake pads to need replacing at least but not a dicky bird.’


dicky bird