Definition of dicken in English:



NZ, Australian
dated, informal
  • An expression of disgust or disbelief.

    ‘"Oh, dicken to that," the miners say’
    • ‘The accused said, 'Murder? Dicken on that, me murder anyone!'’
    • ‘'You don't lie and cheat the way my mother does.' 'Ah, dicken.'’
    • ‘'What about pulling the emergency cord?' 'Aw, dicken on. I haven't got the dingbats and I haven't got five quid.'’
    • ‘Dicken on that for a joke.’
    • ‘You've got to tie your horse up; feed and water him, and groom him before you get near a bit of picking for yourself! Dicken to that. The infantry'll do me!’


Late 19th century: abbreviation of dickens.