Definition of dichasium in English:



  • A cyme in which each flowering branch gives rise to two or more branches symmetrically placed.

    • ‘The Convolvulaceae are mostly twining herbs or shrubs, sometimes with milky sap, comprising about 85 genera and 2,800 species that are further characterized by almost always having the flowers solitary or in terminal or axillary dichasia.’
    • ‘But if two buds of a sympodial branch sprout at the same time, a more or less fork-shaped pattern, a dichasium, is formed.’
    • ‘All the species studied have cyathia arranged in pleiochasia and each pleiochasial branch forms several pleiochasia or dichasia; the degree of branching in the inflorescence is variable.’
    • ‘A flowering plant consists of a rosette of hairy basal leaves with long petioles, and from one to several flowering shoots, up to 50 cm tall, each bearing a dichasium of several to many flowers.’
    • ‘It differs from other species of Salicornia by the central flower of the dichasia being fused to the main axis of the spike, and the comparatively long anthers in combination with short inflorescences.’


Late 19th century: modern Latin, from di- ‘two’ + Greek khasis ‘separation’.