Definition of dibber in English:



  • another term for dibble
    • ‘The garden centre opens in an hour and we don't want you standing there with your dibber in your hand when little old ladies come looking for winter pansies.’
    • ‘When you put everything back in the shed, make sure there's a designated place for everything, so you don't waste time searching for plant labels, pencils and dibbers.’
    • ‘Mike has written his last Stone Column but he plans to write a book, and I doubt Polly will be putting down her dibber for good either.’
    • ‘Using a dibber or a child's thick pencil, carefully tease out the young plant from the seed tray and make a hole in the fresh compost deep enough to take the roots of the seedling.’
    • ‘Holes were made with a 10-mm-diameter dibber and seed was sown before each hole was back-filled with soil and the surface firmed.’
    • ‘Maybe if I can just squeeze in there I might be able to find a spare key under a watering can, inside a trug or, maybe, next to a dibber.’
    • ‘Use a trowel or dibber to make a hole twice their size and plant with the flat base at the bottom.’
    • ‘The museum is based around a restored Victorian farmhouse and they had loads of old tractors, steam engines, farm equipment, diggers, dibbers and all kinds of ancient agricultural implements on display.’