Definition of diastereoisomer in English:



  • Each of a pair of stereoisomeric compounds that are not mirror images of one another.

    • ‘The metal ion holds the reacting molecules close together, and may control the stereochemistry of the reaction so that only a particular diastereoisomer is produced.’
    • ‘It has five chiral carbons and only the naturally occurring diastereoisomer is biologically active.’
    • ‘Because of the presence of two chiral carbon atoms in the dioxolane linker, the chemical synthesis route leads to two distinct diastereoisomers, in which the linkers are respectively SS and RR.’
    • ‘The precipitated diastereoisomer was pressed out and washed with approx.20 l of ice-cold 2-propanol.’
    • ‘The adduct 6 was a single diastereoisomer while 5 was a mixture of diastereoisomers.’