Definition of diamondiferous in English:



  • See diamond

    • ‘No kimberlites have been recorded in the ocean basins, from which it may be inferred that thick, cool lithosphere is a prerequisite for the generation of diamondiferous kimberlite.’
    • ‘The results from exploration by the company since project commencement during mid 1999 are considered to be very encouraging for the discovery of diamondiferous kimberlite source rocks.’
    • ‘In recent years, submerged diamondiferous deposits, of mostly latest Quaternary age, lying on the continental shelf off the West Coast of southern Africa have attracted a great deal of economic and geological interest.’
    • ‘More recently, modern exploration has resulted in the reported identification of uneconomic though diamondiferous kimberlites in Iron and Dickinson Counties in northern Michigan.’
    • ‘Sufficient diamondiferous country is already known to provide many years employment for a large population.’