Definition of diamagnetic in English:



  • (of a substance or body) tending to become magnetized in a direction at 180° to the applied magnetic field.

    • ‘Any remaining magnetic effects in diamagnetic materials are produced by the orbiting electrons.’
    • ‘The main impact of the diamagnetic components is dilution of the strongly magnetizable minerals.’
    • ‘For example, placing diamagnetic metals such as aluminium or zinc at the centre of the phthalocyanines improves the photosensitization of the compound for use in PDT.’
    • ‘In the iron diamagnetic form, magnetic anisotropy arises from the heme, aromatic moieties, and elements of secondary structure.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, DNA displays a negative anisotropy in diamagnetic susceptibility that tends to align the DNA axis perpendicular to the magnetic field.’


1846: coined by Faraday, from Greek dia ‘through, across’ + magnetic.