Definition of dialysate in English:


(US dialyzate)


mass noun
  • 1The part of a mixture which passes through the membrane in dialysis.

    • ‘The dialysate was concentrated using a Centriprep (Millipore, Billerica, MA).’
    • ‘The selenium concentration doubled, and protein appeared in the dialysates during dialysis session.’
    • ‘The returned dialysate contained between 2.6 mEq / L and 14 mEq / L of lactate in one study, and the calculated lactate clearance by peritoneal dialysis averaged 21 mL / min in another.’
    • ‘We have to mention here that generally dialysis needs to be performed, and the dialysate should be used for dn/dc and SLS measurements.’
    • ‘The correlation of the selenium concentrations with the protein concentrations in the dialysate is significant (p [is less than] 0.01) with a Spearman R value of 0.97.’
    1. 1.1 The solution the dialysate forms with the fluid on the other side of the membrane.
      • ‘Accordingly, the present invention relates to an improved radiometric assay of dialysates obtained from equilibrium dialysis.’
      • ‘The dialysate was clarified by centrifugation and stored at - 80C. Protein concentration of the HSV - 2 Rl preparation was measured by the method of Bradford using y-globulin as a standard.’
      • ‘The dialysate was centrifuged for 10 min at 10000 rpm at 4C.’
      • ‘The presence of MMP - 9 protein in dialysates was studied by Western blot analysis.’
      • ‘However, a decrease in the content of free Ca2 + and Mg2 + was recognized in dialysates of egg homogenates shortly after the initiation of exocytosis.’
    2. 1.2 The fluid used on the other side of the membrane during dialysis to remove impurities.
      • ‘The dialysate of first group contained ISM, the second used dialysate only, the third contained dopamine.’
      • ‘In cases of resistant, life-threatening hypercalcemia, hemodialysis against a low-calcium dialysate is more effective than peritoneal dialysis in lowering serum calcium levels.’
      • ‘The remaining bags of dialysate in the 35-bag lot were retrieved and no other patients received dialysate from the same lot.’
      • ‘These were treated with changes in his peritoneal dialysate, Kayexalate, and anti-hypertensive medication and he had no residual problems.’
      • ‘When dialysis is use for treatment, calcium is added to the dialysate to correct for hypocalcemia and to prevent renal osteodystrophy.’


Late 19th century: from dialysis + -ate; the term originally denoted the part of the mixture which does not pass through the membrane.