Definition of dialogist in English:



  • See dialogue

    • ‘Plato and Cicero depict questioning dialogists as superior to those who seek simple answers or summaries.’
    • ‘You may agree with one or other of the dialogists and you may wish to add additional arguments to the cases made.’
    • ‘He was the co-writer and dialogist for several French movies, co-dialogist for the French version of ‘The Return of the Three Musketeers’ directed by Richard Lester, and script editor for three French TV series.’
    • ‘Through Praise, Reason and Reflection, these four dialogists provide compelling evidence of the complexities, differences and rewards of exchanging ideas and opinions on the development and necessity of Islamic - Christian interfaith understanding.’
    • ‘‘Preparing the people who are going to be the dialogists of tomorrow is this book's mission,’ he says.’