Definition of dialogism in English:



mass noun
  • The use in a text of different tones or viewpoints, whose interaction or contradiction are important to the text's interpretation.

    • ‘Toward this end, Fast proposes a poetics of relationality grounded in ideas of dialogue and dialogism, concepts she borrows from Russian theorist M. M. Bakhtin.’
    • ‘For postmodern writers such as Markson, dialogism between various forms of writing, belonging to as many forms of genre, is a way of individualizing one's own style precisely as text.’
    • ‘My concept of intertextuality thus goes back to Bakhtin's dialogism and Barthes' text theory.’
    • ‘I had previously taught this course as a kind of ‘dialogue of theories,’ which reflects my commitment to the Bakhtinian notion of dialogism as the most credible way to view knowledge-making in any field.’
    • ‘This essay will explore how In the Time of the Butterflies coincides strongly with the Russian philosopher's discussions of the genetic characteristics, polyphonic discourse, and dialogism of the novel.’


Mid 16th century: from late Latin dialogismos, from Greek dialogizesthai ‘to converse’, from dialogos ‘discourse’ (see dialogue).