Definition of dialling code in English:

dialling code


  • A sequence of numbers dialled to connect a telephone to an exchange in another area or country.

    ‘the dialling code for Aldershot is 0252’
    • ‘It is the village reunification forgot: there are still two mayors, two dialling codes and even two distinct German dialects.’
    • ‘He pointed out that most people would find it very difficult to remember a seven-digit number and the dialling code without writing it down, but that option is closed to blind people.’
    • ‘It is nearly four years since the big number change in UK dialling codes.’
    • ‘Consumers now know from the dialling code what kind of number they are calling - fixed, mobile, special rate or premium rate.’
    • ‘Please note that all readers who submit information to the Nationalist should take care to include the correct dialling code with their telephone number.’
    • ‘Mind you, most people don't know that the dialling code for London is 020.’
    • ‘These are your new International Bank Account Number and your Bank Identifier Code which relate to your account in the same way as your international dialling code relates to your phone number.’
    • ‘Other than that, you will have to start learning all those international dialling codes, including the UK's + 44, as Skype, in an effort to be globally downloadable, doesn't ever acknowledge which area code you are calling from.’
    • ‘As a Canadian friend of mine once said: ‘Our dialling code is 668 because we're the neighbour of the beast.’’
    • ‘Also by the end of this year, customers from abroad will be able to dial the toll-free numbers in Bulgaria through the international dialling code of the country.’
    • ‘The petition says that he is an actor/businessman and then gives a Glasgow contact number with an American dialling code.’
    • ‘These alternative operators are marketing carrier pre-selection, a service available either through a dialling code or a subscription fee.’
    • ‘A reference to the telephone dialling code from Ireland to Britain, 0044 had the working title Mind the Gap, a phrase which has stronger resonance with Cotter's exhibits.’
    • ‘In future, customers will be required to dial the full 10-digit number inclusive of the area dialling code.’
    • ‘Premium rate services are advertised using special dialling codes and normally show up on your phone bill as a premium rate call or high premium service.’
    • ‘After the change, which will affect about 2.5 million phone users, Mobiltel will operate a uniform 088 dialling code, while Globul's current 098 dialing code will be replaced by 089.’
    • ‘Yesterday we discovered that the supply of 0207 numbers is already drying up so yet another new London dialling code is required.’
    • ‘The new directory incorporates national dialling codes.’
    • ‘One advantage of Vonage is that you can create your own number with a UK dialling code, so your computer does not have to be switched on for you to make or receive calls.’
    • ‘Remember this was a Department of Traffic vehicle, presumably the Umtata municipality since 047 is Umtata's dialling code.’


dialling code

/ˈdʌɪəlɪŋ ˌkəʊd/