Definition of dialectical materialist in English:

dialectical materialist

adjective & noun

  • See dialectical materialism

    • ‘If one were a thoroughgoing dialectical materialist, one would anticipate that a market-based economy would have to give rise to market-based ethics and patterns of human interaction: what else?’
    • ‘But it's equally compelling to dialectical materialists because, by the 1860s, the novelist had come to despise the money-grubbing bourgeoisie.’
    • ‘This is the essence of the dialectical materialist method of Marxism.’
    • ‘If Marx and Engels with their dialectical materialist method have superseded the conceptual subject/object dichotomy, what remains to us is to supersede this dichotomy from a historical and socio-political point of view.’
    • ‘Those familiar with German critical psychology, may be alternately pleased, dismayed, or surprised to find an approach that differs significantly from that psychology's dialectical materialist approach.’