Definition of dial something up in English:

dial something up

phrasal verb

  • 1Adjust the control on an electrical device so as to increase the level of sound, light, heat, etc. produced:

    ‘even with everything dialled up to full, the audio output level was only moderate at best’
    • ‘Minute by minute, someone dialed up the music, 'til it was hard to hear each other, even from a foot or two away.’
    • ‘Turning to the record player, he dialed up the volume as high as it would go.’
    • ‘Andrew dialed up the music on the jukebox.’
    • ‘The brightness and contrast controls operate on a 100-point scale, but the brightness control had no effect on the display's black level until we dialed it up past 65.’
    • ‘Nickolai reached over to the ancient metal desk where the professor who had worked here had kept his own collection and dialed up the heat.’
    • ‘At one point her right lung stopped functioning, her left lung only partially worked, and a machine that provided oxygen had to be dialed up to 100 percent.’
    • ‘The music that plays over the menus, however, is dialed up to half again the volume of the feature itself, resulting in ear-shock when transitioning from one to the other.’
    • ‘He could basically tune his guitar to the room, find out how the room responded to the amplifier, and dial it up so he could have maximum control of the feedback.’
    • ‘I developed a cramp in my thumb dialing the volume up and down to compensate for the uneven audio levels.’
    • ‘The bass seems to have been dialled up a little.’
    1. 1.1informal Increase the amount, intensity, or degree of a quality, factor, etc.:
      ‘the Raiders really dialled up the pressure in the second half’
      • ‘On a recent red carpet she dialed up the drama with more hot makeup: intense eyeliner and a deep berry pout.’
      • ‘I'm positive the F1 veteran will progress quite nicely throughout the month and will qualify easily, but will he be able to dial up the aggression if necessary?’
      • ‘Gateway dialed up spending to more than $50 million as it seeks more users in the business market.’
      • ‘He's slipping in the polls and dialing up the heat on the campaign trail.’
      • ‘"Welcome to the world of grizzly bears," he would say, sometimes employing an Aussie accent, which he typically dialed up for women and children.’
      • ‘The president is now dialing up his rhetoric.’
      • ‘The New York creatives were asked to work up a print/outdoor campaign that would ‘dial up the cool factor’.’
      • ‘First up were alt-rockers Take the Day, a five-piece from Milwaukee who dialed up the energy level on their set.’
      • ‘Having made his intentions known, Nixon dialed up the charm.’
      • ‘The troubled telco has hired a new president to dial up growth.’
      • ‘Yes, the action has been dialed up to a whole new level.’