Definition of dial something down in English:

dial something down

phrasal verb

  • 1Adjust the control on an electrical device so as to reduce the level of sound, light, heat, etc. produced:

    ‘after 15 minutes of frustration, someone on the stand took the hint and dialled down the music’
    • ‘You'll see I've dialed down the magnification to its lowest setting.’
    • ‘These babies pair with any Bluetooth-enabled stereo device to let you skip, play, pause, crank up, or dial down your music.’
    • ‘You can extend the battery life by dialling down the screen brightness.’
    • ‘When we tried to dial down the brightness level, we made an odd discovery.’
    • ‘At times Ennio Morricone's pulsating score is dialed down a little too low in favor of capturing all of the sound design, but it's not a terrible trade.’
    • ‘The sound mix is quite strong in terms of dialogue and sound effects, but I felt like the music was dialed down a little too low in many scenes.’
    • ‘A separate selector switch gives the option of having both lasers dialed down to "training" mode.’
    • ‘I heard myself shouting a few times and had to forcibly dial down the volume.’
    • ‘I hadn't dialed down the exposure enough, so unfortunately I have 100 shots of a overexposed, featureless sun in front of a great desert framing.’
    • ‘Firefighters and other city workers went door to door, asking building managers to dial down the power.’
    1. 1.1informal Lessen the amount, intensity, or degree of a quality, factor, etc.:
      ‘he's dialled down the rage that seems to permeate his other novels’
      ‘having read this review I think I will dial down my expectations a little’
      • ‘It isn't the only big food company to react to the recession by dialing down new product development, which is expensive and risky.’
      • ‘As you turn 40 and then 50 and eventually retire, the funds will gradually and automatically dial down the risk in your portfolio by buying more bonds.’
      • ‘It's true that MTV has dialed down and almost eliminated its war coverage in recent weeks, returning to its party-all-the-time spring break programming.’
      • ‘He seems to have dialed down his extreme tone a bit.’
      • ‘The chip makers have been quick to adapt, by dialing down the spud content in their recipes and cranking up the soy.’
      • ‘There may be room to dial down the risk in your total portfolio through both long-term and dynamic asset allocation decisions.’
      • ‘The alcoholic content was duly dialled down, to near zero.’
      • ‘We don't all have to start quoting scripture, we just have to dial down the mockery a notch.’
      • ‘He dials down the mystique and charisma, though his boyish good looks will still likely make the girls swoon.’
      • ‘She needs to increase muscularity in certain parts of her body, train for gymnastic skills, increase her flexibility and dial down the workout hours.’
      • ‘We should probably try to keep the outrage dialed down just a bit.’
      • ‘There isn't going to be a compromise until folks start trying to engage with each other and dial down some of the rhetoric.’