Definition of diakinesis in English:


nounPlural diakineses

mass nounBiology
  • The fifth and last stage of the prophase of meiosis, following diplotene, when the separation of homologous chromosomes is complete and crossing over has occurred.

    • ‘Their nuclei contain univalents as well as bivalents at diakinesis and metaphase I.’
    • ‘For F59A1.7, affected worms exhibiting a high frequency of achiasmate chromosomes at diakinesis also had abnormally large nuclei at the pachytene stage, earlier in meiotic prophase.’
    • ‘However, in the mouse, cytogenetic examination of chiasmata at diakinesis has been widely used to study genetic recombination.’
    • ‘Loose condensation of chromosomes was observed in 12% of the cells from diakinesis to anaphase.’
    • ‘In wild-type hermaphrodites, germ cells at the dorsoventral flexure exit the pachytene stage of the first meiotic prophase and proceed to diakinesis.’


Early 20th century: from dia- ‘through, across’ + Greek kinēsis ‘motion’.