Definition of diachronous in English:



  • See diachronism

    • ‘The scattered nature of the outcrop and the possibility of diachronous volcanism mean that all rocks grouped as Dokhan Volcanic Series may not be coeval.’
    • ‘Thirlwall proposed a diachronous end to magmatism from NW to SE across Scotland and NE England.’
    • ‘It is proposed that subuction rollback can help explain some of the characteristics of the rift basins such as non-uniform lithospheric extension, deep sag basins, and the diachronous onset and termination of rifting.’
    • ‘The parallel retreat of slopes through time in the Penck scheme means that the age of the pediplain is time-transgressive or diachronous, that is, the age varies across the surface of the pediplain.’
    • ‘This mechanism may also account for the diachronous nature of Koodoovale volcanism.’