Definition of diabetic in English:



  • 1Having diabetes.

    • ‘Maybe they're diabetic or on a diet, but they still want something sweet at the end of a meal.’
    • ‘Most Indian diets are predominantly cereal based and thus higher carbohydrate intakes have become usual for people with diabetes unlike diabetic subjects in western countries.’
    • ‘Because of the projected increase in type 2 diabetes the number of diabetic patients worldwide is predicted to double within the next 15 years, to over 100 million.’
    • ‘In one, Japanese researchers fed genetically diabetic mice a diet containing 20-percent whole maitake powder for eight weeks.’
    • ‘The cost of providing dialysis for uremic diabetic patients in the U.S. exceeded $2 billion in 1990.’
    • ‘Insulin omission, which is recognised as a purging behaviour in the DSM-IV criteria, was the most common weight loss method after dieting among the diabetic subjects.’
    • ‘The same holds true for a diabetic patient with neuropathy and a foot ulcer.’
    • ‘Nowadays diabetic children's diets are not very different from what other children eat.’
    • ‘Many factors like BMI, BP and glycaemic control might affect IR in an obese hypertensive diabetic patient population like our amlodipine group.’
    • ‘Dogs may have been under suspicion in these studies, but three cases show dogs in a good light as they detect their diabetic owners' hypoglycaemia.’
    • ‘Results indicated that alpha lipoic acid may slightly improve cardiac autonomic neuropathy in diabetic patients.’
    • ‘Many diabetic patients have neuropathy, which, in combination with arterial insufficiency, puts them at increased risk of neuroischaemic tissue loss’
    • ‘The book contains a list of food items suitable for diabetic patients, routine exercises, diet control measures and details of periodical check-ups.’
    • ‘My mother had packed a lunch in our cooler, including some cans of imported diet soda for my diabetic brother, Don.’
    • ‘He was also diabetic, but was deprived of his medication for as long as three months.’
    • ‘The profoundly deaf man is also diabetic and had a leg amputated after a road accident.’
    • ‘Only five reviewers pointed out that diabetic patients with hypertension benefit more from blood pressure control than blood glucose control.’
    • ‘The commonest cause of neuropathic ulceration is diabetes, and many diabetic patients with neuropathic ulceration will also have an arterial problem that requires correction.’
    • ‘So far, the first approach can only cure diabetic mice, while the second one can only breed mice designed not to become diabetic if their b cells are knocked out.’
    • ‘There is no need to disproportionately restrict the intake of carbohydrates in the diet of most diabetic patients.’
    1. 1.1 Relating to or designed to relieve diabetes.
      ‘a diabetic clinic’
      ‘a diabetic diet’
      • ‘A special photographic process is very helpful in detecting early effects of diabetic retinopathy.’
      • ‘Off-loading therapy is a key part of the treatment plan for diabetic foot ulcers.’
      • ‘Left untreated, diabetic ketoacidosis can lead to a coma and possibly death.’
      • ‘We did not find a relation between an institution sponsoring a diabetic clinic and monitoring frequency or glycemic control.’
      • ‘Avoid all artificial sweeteners found in diet drinks and some diabetic foods as these are toxic to the liver and can cause hypoglycaemia and fatigue.’
      • ‘Susan's first thought was that he had died after lapsing into a diabetic coma.’
      • ‘Overall, almost half of all Latinos with diabetes had diabetic retinopathy.’
      • ‘This mechanism is thought to be important in some forms of laxative abuse, diabetic diarrhoea, and thyrotoxicosis.’
      • ‘Duoderm is designed for chronically ill elderly people with non-healing diabetic wounds.’
      • ‘Time zone changes and altered meal times can result in insulin dependent diabetics becoming hypoglycaemic, though diabetic meals can be provided.’
      • ‘The hospital has a special diabetic care clinic and encourages patients to use the public facilities to exercise, maintain and manage good health.’
      • ‘A diabetic diet need not mean a complete departure from a normal one; often, a few adjustments will suffice.’
      • ‘The urine ketone dip test was highly sensitive for diabetic ketoacidosis and diabetic ketosis with or without acidosis.’
      • ‘Since diabetes is seen as a slow killer, diabetic clinics always advise people to take utmost care in their diet.’
      • ‘Since diabetics are at high risk for heart disease, avoiding fat and cholesterol is the most important goal of the diabetic diet, and a vegetarian diet is ideal.’
      • ‘Prevention with foot hygiene, proper shoes, no self-performed foot surgery, and attendance at diabetic clinic is essential.’
      • ‘She said although 90 per cent of arthritis patients would experience foot problems at some time, specialist foot clinics were scarce, in contrast with diabetic centres.’
      • ‘The newer diabetic drugs and asthma/emphysema drugs have probably extended the mortality of diabetics and asthmatics and former smokers.’
      • ‘The most common and most serious eye complication of diabetes is diabetic retinopathy, which may result in poor vision or even blindness.’
      • ‘Some patients develop diabetic peripheral neuropathy characterised by loss of sensation in the feet.’


  • A person who has diabetes.

    • ‘What type of surgical intervention is best for diabetics with cardiovascular disease?’
    • ‘Research that helps us understand how older diabetics view their illness is largely unexplored.’
    • ‘One condition to which diabetics are significantly more prone is heart disease.’
    • ‘Being a diabetic, my visits to the clinic for blood tests were frequent and he became a family pathologist.’
    • ‘Kidney failure is one of the top leading causes of death among diabetics.’
    • ‘Her research will help diabetics whose impaired bones will not properly heal.’
    • ‘The drug was studied in about 5000 people, but has not been been evaluated in diabetics under age 18.’
    • ‘One of the biggest controversies in diabetes management these days is how diabetics should eat.’
    • ‘Severe diabetics often suffer kidney failure and have to spend hours a day on a dialysis machine.’
    • ‘Dr. Sherita Golden who led the study suggested diabetics should monitor their blood sugar levels more than twice a day.’
    • ‘I have been a diabetic since junior high and had to drink sissy diet sodas for years.’
    • ‘For these reasons nicotinic acid therapy is not recommended for diabetics or persons who suffer from gout.’
    • ‘He notes that when diabetics get too much insulin, their blood sugar drops and they get ravenously hungry.’
    • ‘Amputation is thirteen times more frequent in diabetics as in the same age non-diabetics.’
    • ‘Diabetes UK care adviser Roopinder Drar said the rules that applied to a diabetic's diet could often be applied to anyone.’
    • ‘In fact, cataracts and glaucoma are twice as common in diabetics as in non-diabetics.’
    • ‘For example, one young boy with emotional difficulties was also a newly diagnosed diabetic.’
    • ‘Fourteen patients were known diabetics who had a loss of glucose control.’
    • ‘Fear motivates us to drive cautiously even when in a great hurry, and fear makes a diabetic adhere to his diet and take his insulin daily.’
    • ‘Ginkgo has been used experimentally to treat diabetics and Raynaud's disease.’