Definition of dhole in English:



  • An Asian wild dog with a sandy coat and a black bushy tail, living in packs.

    Cuon alpinus, family Canidae

    Also called red dog
    • ‘‘The tiger, dhole and elephant populations, although secure for the moment, may be more vulnerable because of the relatively small size of the park,’ the centre noted.’
    • ‘The two ambushing pantherine felids appeared to prefer foraging in densely covered settings and the dhole in open spaces.’
    • ‘The dholes and jaguar were alert though, and already got the jackal who had an unhealthy interest in the horses surrounded.’
    • ‘Highly predaceous canids that invariably hunt in social packs include the African hunting dog, Lycaon pictus, and the dhole, Cuon alpinus.’


Early 19th century: of unknown origin.