Definition of dholak in English:



  • A medium-sized dhol.

    • ‘The very emergence of soca is a tribute to Indian percussion instruments, particularly tabla, dholak, dhantal and jhanj.’
    • ‘Percussion heavy, the Angel Brothers' music is a fusion of Indian rhythms, world music and English folk featuring the dhol, dholak, tabla and djembe - kings in the percussion instrument world.’
    • ‘The music composed by Shantanu Mahapatra, was played on the instruments belonging to each of the two styles: the dholak, mohuri and chadchadi of the Chhau orchestra and the pena, lande pung and mang gang of the Thang-ta.’
    • ‘The Kangra school of paintings of Raga Vasantha portray a fair-coloured Krishna with the gopikas holding musical instruments - the dholak and the khartal (wooden cymbals with strings).’
    • ‘The second was a traditional chutney song performed in Hindi, with music coming from traditional instruments - the dholak, harmonium and dhantal.’
    • ‘Also performing as part of this special team will be Hakim Khan's son Kutla, who will play the dholak, singer Jalal Khan who has accompanied Bhell in his world tours and Jean Marie Henry and Xavier Martin, who specialise in percussions.’
    • ‘This is a more reflective music than the joyous abandon of Qawwali; tabla and dholak provide the shifting, cyclical heartbeats that underpin Parveen's song, shadowed by harmonium and bansuri flute.’
    • ‘When darkness set in Chennai on Monday, with the mysticism came the sounds of the ektara, dholak, and raw, raspy voices.’
    • ‘With this new CD version I realised that he also appears on a third track, minus his shoes and sitting cross-legged playing the dholak (a small hand drum).’
    • ‘The sokah was born when a major African singer - Ras Shorty I - inculcated Indian rhythms with dholak and tabla.’
    • ‘The poetic delicacy of her singing, the rhythm underlined by traditional dholak and harmonium stole the hearts.’


Hindi, from ḍhol (see dhol) + the diminutive suffix -ak.