Definition of dharmashala in English:


(also dharamshala, dharmsala)


  • (in South Asia) a building devoted to religious or charitable purposes, especially a rest house for travellers.

    • ‘Poor people can look around for dharmashalas in the city.’
    • ‘Nanak insisted that every Sikh house should serve as a place of love and devotion, a true guest house (Sach dharamshala).’
    • ‘For budget-type accommodation, there are a number of dharmashalas, the Railway Retiring Rooms and the Panchayat Bhawan.’
    • ‘I made the usual rounds of Hindu temples, dharmashalas, meditation centers, pathasalas (religious schools) and soaked up all I could about the Hindu dharma.’
    • ‘These people have now been put up in the village dharamshala and in chaupals.’


From Sanskrit dharmaśālā, from dharma ‘virtue’ + śālā ‘house’.