Definition of dextrorotatory in English:



  • (of a compound) having the property of rotating the plane of a polarized light ray to the right, i.e. clockwise facing the oncoming radiation.

    The opposite of laevorotatory
    • ‘One was dextrorotatory when dissolved in aqueous solution, the other was levorotatory.’
    • ‘Chirality describes the handedness of a molecule that is observable by the ability of a molecule to rotate the plane of polarized light either to the right (dextrorotatory) or to the left (levorotatory).’
    • ‘This is assumed positive to show that the optically active substance is dextrorotatory and negative if the substance is laevorotatory.’
    • ‘The dextrorotatory isomer of zopiclone is displaced from its salt by means of a base such as sodium hydroxide.’
    • ‘We wish to report that the dextrorotatory acids of the lipids of human tubercle bacilli, hitherto believed to be saturated acids, are unsaturated acids.’