Definition of dewy in English:


adjectivedewiest, dewier

  • 1Wet with dew.

    • ‘He sat on the ground, not noticing the dewy grass dampening his clothes, and stared out across the darkness of the valley, which was faintly illuminated by the millions of stars hanging just above his head.’
    • ‘As for that scent, a windowless room where athletes sweat profusely isn't going to remind anyone of a dewy meadow.’
    • ‘It was thus, as the sun broke over a dewy Parisian morn, that I decided to put in a call to the Hotel Casterix, a mere nine miles away back in Paris proper.’
    • ‘A thrill of indefinable horror shot through his frame on perceiving that those dewy flowers were already beginning to droop; they wore the aspect of things that had been fresh and lovely yesterday.’
    • ‘It may not be the Borneo rainforest, but 300 yards across a dewy meadow is a long way in the middle of a cold night, particularly when you have to make the journey half a dozen times, with and without children.’
    • ‘‘I will be making a complaint about Hull putting the sprinklers on the pitch an hour and a half before kick-off on a dewy night,’ said Raper.’
    • ‘There's nothing as beautiful as an early-morning dewy newly-opened rose.’
    • ‘It's the musical equivalent of a storm above a dewy meadow.’
    • ‘As I hung over the water, the steam rose gently from the tub, misting my face with warm, dewy beads.’
    • ‘We often went to the park for picnics, sitting on the cannon in the sun, marvelling at the dewy luminescence of the bleeding heart begonias in the steamy green light of the conservatory.’
    • ‘The joy of walking through dewy streets was short-lived but memorable.’
    • ‘Under the band of Milky Way stars, we listened to crickets pulsate in the dewy grass, and watched the orange coals lick themselves with tiny flames.’
    • ‘I've written before about the differences between living in the States and living in Canada, but I was struck by a difference I hadn't noticed before as I stood in the dewy grass on Boomer's.’
    • ‘Holywell Rowing Club's new boat passed its first test as it glided gracefully over the waters of Lough Gill on a dewy May evening last Thursday.’
    • ‘Time was I'd sit through a night like this, welcome the dawn, tread the dewy grass and catch an hour or so of sleep before the world yawned and started about its business.’
    • ‘Early morning is best, when the woods are cool and the ground is still moist and dewy.’
    • ‘In January color catalogs flood your mailbox, their glossy photographs of frothy pink-flowering trees, plump lilac and peony blooms, and dewy roses tempting you to buy, buy, buy.’
    • ‘They pay the bill and depart - a riotous female scrum, brawling past the silver-topped sushi bar and out into the dewy San Diego night.’
    • ‘Some natural health practitioners advocate walking barefoot in dewy grass as a health-giving start to the day, and I must admit it does feel good.’
    • ‘First a lineman went up in a cherry picker, brought the chicks to the ground in a Bud Light box lined with a cotton shirt, and laid them in the dewy grass.’
    moist, moistened, wettish, dampened, dampish
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  • 2(of a person's skin) appearing soft and lustrous.

    • ‘Think luminescent foundations, glossy lips, dewy cheeks and bright, soft eyes.’
    • ‘The music is exactly what we should expect from this U.K. nymph - as predictable as her pixie haircut, dewy skin and familiar husky voice.’
    • ‘The first contains aluminium oxide crystals which remove dead skin cells, while the second tube of moisturiser is rich in Vitamin E to give your fresh new skin a dewy finish.’
    • ‘I may find I'm willing to sell my soul in exchange for a fresh dewy complexion once more wrinkles start appearing in the bathroom mirror.’
    • ‘Keesha lightly caressed her daughter's dewy soft cheek before moving to fix plates for herself and AJ.’
    • ‘A weekly mask, either hydrating or oil absorbing, will also keep skin dewy and supple.’
    • ‘Nude tones like beige, sand and linen look best on skin that's moist, dewy and natural-looking.’
    • ‘With these expert tips, you can lighten up your look by moving from winter's thick moisturizers and heavy foundations to dewy complexions and no-hassle hair and makeup.’
    • ‘Water is essential not only for re-hydration but as the basis of good blood, dewy skin and healthy body tissues.’
    • ‘Mixing of textures on the face means a glossy lip on a matte face with a shimmery eye, or shimmery cheeks on a dewy face with a matte eye.’
    • ‘So you see ace cricketers and glamorous movie stars exhorting you to buy such and such product because it improves their smile or turns their skin to dewy softness or whatever.’
    • ‘In other words, when Bogart takes a long, hard look at the lovely Ingrid Bergman's dewy face in Casablanca, his gaze permits us to do the same without having to explain the politics of our pleasure.’
    • ‘The best time to put on lotion is after your shower, when your skin is all dewy and your pores are open.’
    • ‘The serum soaks in, giving a smooth base in preparation for moisturising, while the day cream is silky-smooth and left my skin feeling and looking soft and dewy.’
    • ‘Ethan smiled, enjoying the intimate sensation of the dewy skin he caressed with such compulsion.’
    • ‘Whatever your own dating preferences, dewy, flawless skin will help you to fake the glowing look of love until you find a bachelor of your own.’
    • ‘He guessed she was young; her skin had that dewy, fresh quality about it, with no wrinkles whatsoever.’
    • ‘Jason inhaled her youthful scent and marveled at the dewy softness of her caramel cheeks.’
    1. 2.1 Youthful and fresh.
      ‘the girls have yet to lose their dewy charm’
      • ‘Must The New York Post always unleash its film editor, V.A. Musetto, on every dewy starlet who appears in an independent film?’
      • ‘What happened to all that youth and beauty, all that dewy promise?’
      • ‘It just freaks me to see them like that, all dead-eyed and bitter, when just three months ago they were so dewy and enthusiastic, fresh out of medical school.’
      • ‘Only slightly winded but looking dewy, Rockelle and her friends, seemingly as innocent as everyone not involved, had melted into the inner fringe.’
      • ‘There was a bunch of grizzled, fat grey-haired ladies recalling their dewy youth.’
      • ‘Bloom Sheer Color Cream in Glow, $13 gives you a nice dewy look to go along with your healthy glow.’
      • ‘To blame their youth, however, is to question the gimmick: two dewy adolescent Russians adding a lesbian jolt to teen pop's fading schoolgirl fantasies.’
      • ‘He cast a formerly dewy ingénue as the beautiful, shy, artistic young woman.’
      • ‘I figured this would be a hack job when I saw the dewy Joseph Fiennes was cast as Luther.’
      • ‘The problem with many of Spielberg's children is that they are sketched to be remarkably savvy but also innocent and dewy, as the situation warrants.’
      • ‘I'm sure I'll never look as dewy when I put all $110 worth of it on my face myself, but a girl can dream of buying youth, can't she?’
      • ‘In a photograph on the cover of one of my books, Rosenzweig looked dewy like a baby, wet-lipped and wet-eyed and receding somehow into those lips and eyes.’
      • ‘They're all lies of course, but you have to realized that when a woman emerges from a facial looking dewy and refreshed, she's willing to believe some potion will help preserve the state of grace.’
      • ‘But their unselfconsciousness extends beyond total ease with their unadorned bodies to a palpable sense of bliss in just being, taking each day as it came and glorying in their dewy vigour with every fibre of their beings.’


Old English dēawig (see dew, -y).