Definition of dewfall in English:



mass nounliterary
  • 1The formation of dew, or the time of the evening when dew begins to form.

    • ‘Next take some furled red roses, 300 or 400, clean, fresh and culled before dewfall.’
    • ‘It is night moving in the streets, the processional salt slow musical wind in Coronation Street and Cockle Row, it is the grass growing on Llareggub Hill, dewfall, starfall, the sleep of birds in Milk Wood.’
    1. 1.1 The film of dew covering an area.
      ‘the school lawn was lightly dusted with dewfall’
      • ‘Planting this close to the ocean presents a few problems, among them salty dewfall and constant humidity.’
      • ‘The total amount of dewfall may be equivalent to the water gained through precipitation at this time of year: around 80 mm each summer month.’