Definition of devourer in English:



  • See devour

    • ‘Here the story picks up as the tormented devourer of souls tries to escape his captor, the omnipresent octopus-like Elder God.’
    • ‘Enraged, Gupan and Utar descended from the Chariot of The Clouds into the pit to do battle with Mot, devourer of The Dead.’
    • ‘Although I may be a devourer of Romantic Fiction, I have never actually written a romance before, so this is basically a trial run for me.’
    • ‘She was as much an actress: a devourer of words, books, theatre and cinema screen, costume and design, dance and folklore, as she was the vessel for her incredible voice.’
    • ‘The means to destroy the devourer of the worlds was now literally in our hands, and all we needed to do was wield it properly.’