Definition of deviser in English:



  • See devise

    • ‘As here, wily conference devisers make sure that the speakers and their works are going to be interesting so that everyone has a good time even if the topic gets only a token airing.’
    • ‘The ‘Northern Exposure’ project, according to its devisers, Box Architecture, was achieved ‘by the placement of three built forms creating six distinct spaces’ to manipulate light and provide functionality for a family home.’
    • ‘The performers and devisers of the piece manipulate the glove puppets dressed in kabuki-style black costumes.’
    • ‘Menander was a skilful constructor of plots, an imaginative deviser of situations, and a master of variety and suspense.’
    • ‘In this Act ‘inventor’ in relation to an invention means the actual deviser of the invention and ‘joint inventor’ shall be construed accordingly.’