Definition of developmental in English:



  • 1Concerned with the development of someone or something.

    ‘developmental problems’
    ‘developmental psychology’
    • ‘Gymboree teaches and provides your children with unique developmental play activities.’
    • ‘If the problem is not addressed through a varied diet, it can lead to developmental delays and behavioural problems.’
    • ‘He said a lot of damage had been done to the developmental potential of the county by the way the Corrib project had been handled.’
    • ‘What programming techniques are used to identify my child's developmental progress?’
    • ‘Corruption is at its peak, unemployment is touching new heights and there is no developmental work.’
    • ‘There are reports on cultural events, book reviews and press clippings of developmental news.’
    • ‘Autism is a lifelong developmental disability that affects the way a person communicates and relates to people around them.’
    • ‘It is a lifelong developmental disability that affects the way a person communicates and relates to people around them.’
    • ‘His research interests include early school leaving and developmental psychology.’
    • ‘Now, from a developmental psychology point of view this is all very healthy and normal.’
    • ‘People most at risk are those with an autistic spectrum disorder, a developmental problem, not a mental health problem.’
    • ‘Every child that needs but doesn't get a speech therapist in the critical developmental months is another child lost.’
    • ‘Yesterday, someone suggested that he may be going through some sort of developmental phase.’
    • ‘Looking at it from a developmental point of view, this could well have been the best year for golf in Sligo for a long time.’
    • ‘These later variables can also be viewed within a developmental psychopathology paradigm.’
    • ‘And it goes something like this: that no developmental line in a baby goes up like that.’
    • ‘He is a developmental psychologist at the University of Exeter.’
    • ‘In developmental psychology it's considered impolite even to mention it, let alone test it.’
    • ‘Interventions should be tailored to meet the developmental needs of the child and also the family.’
    • ‘For 10 years he even worked on Sesame Street, advising on developmental psychology.’
    intermediate, middle, midway, intervening, interposed
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    1. 1.1 Concerned with ontogenetic development, especially embryonic development in animals.
      ‘developmental biology’
      • ‘They placed considerable emphasis on evolutionary and developmental change.’
      • ‘Developmental biologists, too, find the butterfly wing a great subject.’
      • ‘This proposed parallel evolution is also supported by the developmental morphology of seedlings.’
      • ‘Somatic embryos at late developmental stages were gently extracted from agarose layers with forceps.’
      • ‘It is designed to convey to the public the importance and relevance of recent research findings in developmental biology.’
      • ‘Ingrid had come to Berkeley in 1990 to do a Ph.D. in developmental biology.’
      • ‘The eyeless gene is an example of the remarkable conservation of developmental genes throughout the animal kingdom.’
      • ‘Zebrafish have been a significant model in developmental biology for over a decade.’
      • ‘In cnidarians, the developmental biology of some aspects of clonality have been studied.’
      • ‘Once the large community of developmental biologists working on the worm became involved, the pace quickened.’
      • ‘Plant ontogenetic developmental processes and environmental conditions affect the size of this fraction.’
      • ‘A major observation of embryology has been that developmental mutations are usually harmful and often fatal.’
      • ‘The author, Armand Leroi, is a developmental biologist at Imperial College in London.’
      • ‘I claim that developmental genetics is also needed.’
      • ‘I am a developmental biologist who also has a masters degree in the history of science.’
      • ‘He then went on to describe the new plans for developmental biology he was exploring.’
      • ‘In contrast, physiologists and developmental biologists emphasize mechanisms to explain Bergmann's rule.’
      • ‘The NAS committee comprised pediatricians, chemists, developmental biologists, and food scientists.’
      • ‘The department web site lists her concentration as developmental biology.’
      • ‘Terrence Deacon works at the interface between neurobiology, developmental biology and biological anthropology.’
      developing, growing, mouldable, malleable, impressionable, susceptible
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