Definition of development education in English:

development education


mass noun
  • Education aimed at giving an understanding of developing countries and their place in the global socio-economic situation.

    • ‘‘The voluntary link group has worked long and hard, and this money will give the whole project the boost it needs,’ said Angie, a development education worker in Leeds.’
    • ‘College, Castlebar, on Tuesday night last, Mr. Brennan said the need for development education was greater now than ever before as more people lived in poverty and suffered injustice throughout the world.’
    • ‘To learn more about CCA international development program and about development education activities in your region check their web site:’
    • ‘As part of its development education programme, it brings teachers and pupils to Africa to live and learn the experience.’
    • ‘Much more emphasis should be placed on development education according to Francis Brennan, Concern Debates organiser Mayo.’
    • ‘A development education information evening on life and work in Uganda will also take place in the same venue on Thursday, August 22 at 7.30 pm.’
    • ‘The leader development education systems should include training in nonlethal capabilities.’
    • ‘The lesson from the schools is clear: development education should be done throughout all levels of schooling.’
    • ‘A call has been made on the Dept. of Education and Science to have development education placed on the school curriculum by Mr. Francis Brennan, Concern Debates organiser in Mayo.’
    • ‘The development education fund professionalised a group of activists who now no longer sharpen that cutting edge, and there has been a real loss of engagement with the public as a result.’