Definition of devein in English:



[with object]
  • Remove the main central vein from (a shrimp or prawn)

    ‘shell and devein the prawns and then sprinkle them with turmeric and salt’
    • ‘Yesterday at 3 PM I put on my black chef's clogs, my black pants and white t-shirt, pulled my Red Sox cap over my hair and got to work peeling and deveining shrimp.’
    • ‘There is the Movable Feast (, a chronicle that captures seconds in the life of an aspiring chef, from deveining shrimp at 8: 20 a.m. to typing in an apartment-door code at 11: 50 at night.’
    • ‘There is a chapter on Techniques, which tells you how to peel, devein and clean prawns and squid.’
    • ‘Here are two ways to devein shrimp with the shell on.’
    • ‘They deveined some shrimps, cooked a curry sauce with coconut milk, strained it and then dropped the shrimps in and let it boil and simmer.’
    • ‘Peel and devein the prawns, leaving the tails intact.’
    • ‘As far as I'm concerned, all she had to say was that they were already deveined.’