Definition of deuced in English:


Pronunciation /djuːst//ˈdjuːsɪd/


dated, informal
  • attributive Used for emphasis, especially to express disapproval or frustration.

    ‘I sound like a deuced newspaper reporter’
    as submodifier ‘I'm so deuced fond of you’
    • ‘It's a deuced bit better than becoming a sulking musical conservative, sneering at anything after middle-period Beethoven.’
    • ‘The scenes in the subterranean offices of the Admiralty are remarkably subdued; the war seems to be a deuced spot of bother bound to blow over any day now, but damned unpleasant in the clinch, eh?’
    • ‘The rudeness of its personnel is legendary, yet it seems perversely proud to be the Fawlty Towers of English cricket, where everything would be fine if it wasn't for the deuced public wanting to watch cricket there.’
    • ‘What the deuced blazes are they playing at in ‘Neighbours’?’
    damned, damn, damnable, wretched, accursed, rotten, horrible
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