Definition of detrition in English:



mass nounrare
  • The action of wearing something away by friction.

    • ‘The bones show no appearance of detrition; the largest numbers and those in the finest condition are found at a distance from the rivers; and, farther, their numbers decrease as we go farther south.’
    • ‘The intention of the policy is to protect the roading network from premature structural detrition and procedures for loadings are set out.’
    • ‘However, the manuscript also contains the visual information which was recorded unintentionally; for example, details of characters appeared during the writing or details determined by used materials, detrition, damage, and repairs.’
    • ‘Accurate reproduction of shadow masks is achieved with minimized detrition of the tooling.’
    • ‘It is an object of the invention to provide a corrosion-resistant and weldable nickel alloy in which locally uneven corrosional detrition is avoided.’
    wearing away, abrasion, scraping away, grinding down, crumbling, wear and tear, weathering, dissolving, dissolution
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Late 17th century: from medieval Latin detritio(n-), from detri-, stem of deterere ‘wear away’.