Definition of detrital in English:



  • See detritus

    • ‘Emergent macrophytes are a major source of organic matter production in freshwater wetlands, and often represent the bulk of the plant material entering the detrital pool.’
    • ‘The variations in the observed detrital influx primarily indicate variable rates of weathering and erosion of terrestrial sediments associated with climate and sea-level fluctuations.’
    • ‘These detrital sediments have, however, been investigated archaeologically only to a depth of less than five meters in any part of the Niger Delta.’
    • ‘The provenance for the detrital material in the general region was to the east, in the continental arc, where magmatic and deformed lower Mesozoic rocks were exposed.’
    • ‘This material was available to epibenthic consumers, although it was more diluted with other detrital matter with increasing down-estuary distance.’