Definition of detestable in English:



  • Deserving intense dislike.

    ‘I found the film's violence detestable’
    • ‘The most vulnerable members of our society fall victim to the repulsive and detestable warlords and gang masters who conceal their depraved activity behind closed doors.’
    • ‘Allen's characters, both the admirable ones and the detestable ones, are intensely alive, and we know this by their distinctive voices.’
    • ‘I felt I was a detestable person and I hated myself and had all the feelings of failure.’
    • ‘The first is that racial and ethnic preferences are detestable; the second is that minority participation in mainstream institutions is desirable.’
    • ‘It will have rid the world of a detestable dictatorship.’
    abhorrent, detested, hateful, hated, loathsome, loathed, despicable, despised, abominable, abominated, execrable, execrated, repellent, repugnant, repulsive, revolting, disgusting, distasteful, horrible, horrid, horrifying, awful, heinous, reprehensible, obnoxious, odious, nauseating, offensive, contemptible
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Late Middle English: from Old French, or from Latin detestabilis, from the verb detestari (see detest).