Definition of detectorist in English:



  • A person who uses a metal detector for a hobby.

    • ‘News has emerged of an exceptional Middle Bronze Age gold hoard, found in north-east Wrexham by metal detectorists.’
    • ‘We wanted to get on with the job quickly, because metal detectorists were swarming all over the place.’
    • ‘The 19th century finds were supplemented during the 20th century by a smaller but equally interesting series of chance discoveries, most recently by metal detectorists searching on the beach.’
    • ‘The hoard of 70 worn, low-value bronze coins was found by metal detectorists last year at Longhorsley near Morpeth and has since been examined by archaeologists at Newcastle University.’
    • ‘Our work at Naseby in the early 1990s merely drew upon data already collected by unsystematic metal detectorists who had roughly mapped their finds.’
    • ‘Found in Staffordshire by a metal detectorist in 2003, it has been bought jointly by the three museums.’
    • ‘Unless a site produces metal finds that can be collected by detectorists, it will be destroyed unnoticed.’
    • ‘French metal detectorists helped by scanning spoil heaps and areas to be excavated.’
    • ‘Spectacular finds made by metal detectorists over recent months include a Bronze Age gold cup in Kent and an Anglo-Saxon gold-and-garnet sword mount in Suffolk.’
    • ‘However, I would argue that condemning all metal detectorists, as some archaeologists do, ignores the fact that most detectorists themselves abhor illegal activity.’
    • ‘The largest hoard of Iron Age gold and silver coins yet found in Britain was found by a detectorist walking a field in Leicestershire earlier this year.’
    • ‘The hoard of Roman bells found by a detectorist in Essex ‘buried in a circle’ (News, October) is suggested by you as being the result of ‘some forgotten ceremony’.’
    • ‘At Langtoft in East Yorkshire, metal detectorists found two Roman coin hoards in pottery containers by the side of a former Roman road.’
    • ‘The recent BBC series on metal detectorists, ‘Hidden Treasure: Digging up Britain's Past’ has provoked extreme reactions in the archaeological world.’
    • ‘Four rare and intriguing inscriptions - two Roman, two medieval - have been found by metal detectorists this year in Norfolk and reported to the county's archaeology service.’
    • ‘The Government's treasure valuation committee is understood to have split the undisclosed sum paid for the jewellery between the metal detectorists responsible for the finds and the owners of the land where the discoveries were made.’
    • ‘If the farmer loses equipment, he can call on a metal detectorist to come and find it.’
    • ‘Up until about 15 years ago there was little love lost between archaeologists and metal detectorists - or treasure hunters as they were usually referred to.’
    • ‘He is a keen metal detectorist and has an extensive collection.’
    • ‘Now our understanding has been transformed by large numbers of artefacts from excavations (workshops remain elusive) and, recently, from detectorists.’