Definition of detection in English:



mass noun
  • 1The action or process of identifying the presence of something concealed.

    ‘the early detection of fetal abnormalities’
    • ‘It allows more patients to be seen sooner and this rapid assessment can lead to the earlier detection of serious illness.’
    • ‘This toxin molecule is so tiny that it often eludes detection by the immune system.’
    • ‘So they try to exploit the detection and learning systems of their predators to make mistakes as unlikely as possible.’
    • ‘She needed to establish a system that could not be tampered electronically without detection.’
    • ‘Other property owners, tenants or landlords have failed to provide any smoke or fire detection systems.’
    • ‘Scientific experts say many lives could have been saved if there had been an early detection of tsunamis.’
    • ‘There should be an effective treatment or intervention for patients identified through early detection.’
    • ‘The sniffer bees have an expert natural detection system and could be used to find truck bombs and land mines.’
    • ‘As of last week, some 23,000 cattle had been tested, with no detection of the disease.’
    • ‘In my case, due to early detection, my diabetologist was able to follow a holistic approach.’
    • ‘Future applications for my robot include automated vacuum cleaning and fire and intrusion detection.’
    • ‘This would mean faster and more accurate detection and identification of substances.’
    • ‘A part of the stool sample was processed for the detection of bacterial pathogens.’
    • ‘A wireless leak detection and automatic water shutoff system can save you lots of hassle in this case.’
    • ‘Prostate cancer presents major challenges for early detection through screening.’
    • ‘However, the detection and identification of a drug in a blood sample indicates clear current exposure to that drug.’
    • ‘The final cause of the process is that the chameleon should escape detection by its predators.’
    • ‘Earlier this year the school did not pass parts of the fire risk assessment due to inadequate smoke detection alarms.’
    • ‘This utility could be of particular value as part of an intrusion detection system.’
    • ‘Facilities for early detection and intervention woefully fall short of requirements.’
    observation, noticing, noting, discernment, perception, spotting, awareness, recognition, distinguishing, identification, diagnosis
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    1. 1.1 The work of a detective in investigating a crime.
      ‘modern technology is essential to crime detection’
      • ‘He said drug detections made up 40% of all recorded crime, with 67 detected drug offences compared to 18 at this stage in 2002.’
      • ‘The Garda figures for last year show a considerable increase in drunk driving detections with 591 people arrested for drink driving.’
      • ‘The number of detections for both offences was in the bottom quarter of the performance of all forces.’
      • ‘However, while we have made detections regarding both drugs there is very little evidence that either are widely available.’
      • ‘The incident came close on the heels of a series of robbery detections made by four police stations of South Mumbai early last morning.’
      • ‘In Co Louth, Gardaí said there was a noticeable decrease in speed and detections on main Dublin-to-Belfast road were down.’
      • ‘Already this year there have been 507 drunk driving detections (to the end of Oct) compared to a total of 453 for last year’
      • ‘The World Customs Organisation ranked Bulgarian Customs first in the number of heroin detections along the ‘Balkan Route’ in 2002, he said.’
      • ‘It is encouraging to see that our officers and staff continue tirelessly in their efforts to boost detections.’
      • ‘Motorists in Mayo are complying with seatbelt legislation with detections for the non-wearing of seatbelts dropping by approximately 80% since 2001.’
      • ‘We have officers working to reduce crime because this is what people want to see happening and this is our priority, but as professionals we must always solve it and this must be seen in the number of detections.’
      • ‘This year, detections and arrests are up, crime is down and we are forging ahead.’
      • ‘This year, though we have doubled the crime figures, we have had a lot more detections.’
      • ‘There is no social barrier to under-age drinking or anti-social behaviour, and detections have been made by Gardaí in all areas of the city.’
      • ‘However, the division is attempting to address the problem and has put the figures down to an increase in street crime and a lack of detections in the statistics.’
      • ‘We are developing a number of strategies to that end including improving forensic techniques, such as use of DNA and fingerprint and footprint images to improve detections.’
      • ‘He said: ‘Operation Delivery is kicking in and there's evidence that we are down in terms of crime while detections are up.’’
      • ‘He revealed that there was ‘a slight increase’ in drunk-driving detections in Sligo / Leitrim in the two-week period leading up to Christmas.’
      • ‘Up to the end of June, Gardai made 362 drink driving detections compared with 580 for the entire of 2000.’
      • ‘He said the 10,433 drink driving detections by Gardaí last year was paltry compared to 200,000 speeding offences detected.’
      discovery, uncovering, unearthing, rooting out, exposure, revelation
      solving, clear-up
      capture, identification, exposure, unmasking, tracking down, apprehension, arrest
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Late 15th century (in the sense ‘revelation of what is concealed’): from late Latin detectio(n-), from Latin detegere ‘uncover’ (see detect).