Definition of detailing in English:



  • [mass noun] Small decorative features on a building, garment, or work of art.

    ‘keystones and other masonry detailing’
    • ‘Everyday jeans should also feature minimal detailing.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, this feature, together with poor detailing to the windows and the use of ferrous rods as wall ties, has led to structural problems due to water penetration.’
    • ‘The building's Victorian detailing was evidence of the considerable profits Gillies had made from the factory he erected in 1867, providing nets for the booming herring industry.’
    • ‘Pillows that are decorative can also add a variety of interesting detailing and texture to a room.’
    • ‘To this end, a scale is often included in architectural schema, and it is not uncommon to find two or even three alternatives in the decorative detailing of designs for furniture and ornament.’
    • ‘Traditional lead detailing is in line with the high standard of building materials used.’
    • ‘The subsequent eggs feature much more ornate detailing.’
    • ‘With its bold form and concrete detailing, the Pirelli Building has become an icon of modern architecture.’
    • ‘New styles feature more feminine detailing and include new knit shirts, wovens and jackets.’
    • ‘And the taligate window has some nice detailing that is practical in visibility terms too.’
    • ‘Generally the building's detailing is more robust than iconic modernity's light handling.’
    • ‘In most cases, however, problems are - at least in part - associated with poor detailing of masonry.’
    • ‘They would restore the familiar and now beloved silhouette to the skyline, but would have different detailing and updated safety features.’
    • ‘Smirke took a rectangular block and added a hint of classical detailing, such as columns and window mouldings.’
    • ‘The tailoring is classic and structured and the subtle pinstripes and tonal coloured checks feature soft detailing.’
    • ‘There are some very interesting period features, including some uniquely ornate detailing.’
    • ‘That the building is also able to demonstrate a level of intimate detailing makes the project even more special.’
    • ‘The detailing of the building continues this fine balance.’
    • ‘Analyses like this should inform more effective detailing of buildings.’
    • ‘The delicate detailing in the soft stone building below in Back Bay, on an exposed street corner, has been progressively rubbed out by the notoriously rough winters.’
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