Definition of detached retina in English:

detached retina


  • A retina that has become separated from the underlying choroid tissue at the back of the eye, causing loss of vision in the affected area.

    • ‘One player who suffered both a corneal abrasion and a detached retina underwent several surgical procedures.’
    • ‘Unless the detached retina is promptly surgically reattached, this condition can cause permanent loss of vision in the affected eye.’
    • ‘He was exempted from military service because of a detached retina, and later in his career, when binocular microscopes became the norm, people puzzled why he was happy to still use a monocular one.’
    • ‘This time he did consult a doctor, who identified detached retinas in both eyes.’
    • ‘That these are detrimental is shown by the example of an elderly woman who developed sight problems from a detached retina.’