Definition of desynchronize in English:


(also desynchronise)


  • Disturb the synchronization of; put out of step or phase.

    ‘desynchronized cortical rhythms’
    • ‘Sleep paralysis is a common phenomenon - up to 60 percent of people have at least one episode, in which the brain and body momentarily desynchronize when waking from REM sleep.’
    • ‘The Asian crisis, by sending Asian economies to the floor thus helping take off inflationary pressure from the red hot US economy, had further desynchronized the economic cycles of the US and East Asia.’
    • ‘In addition to its sleep-promoting effects, melatonin also has chronobiotic properties, that is, the ability to induce phase-shifts in the circadian clock and to reentrain desynchronized circadian rhythms.’
    • ‘Could this be transnoospheric blogleakage from a slightly desynchronized parallel blogiverse?’
    • ‘Nuclei are desynchronized along the anterior-posterior axis.’
    • ‘Only the all-too-common tape warbles manage to desynchronize the duo's clockwork timing.’
    • ‘Death by curare is usually due to paralysis of the respiratory muscles, which cannot contract without neural stimulation, or by fibrillation of the heart, whose cells become desynchronized in their contractions.’
    • ‘This desynchronizes the electrical signal in the cell, so that it can't efficiently activate nerve impulses further on down the line.’
    • ‘Getting night and day desynchronized is thought to double the risk of cardiovascular disease, which could shorten your life.’
    • ‘The study of [IEGs] indicates that sleep and wake, as well as synchronized and desynchronized sleep [REM state dreaming], are characterized by different genomic expressions, the level of IEGs being high during wake and low during sleep.’
    • ‘Through this modulation of ovulation timing in a social group of women cycles may synchronize, desynchronize, or stabilize.’
    • ‘What sort of desynchronized traffic-light designing idiot came up with that?’
    • ‘On the one hand, when the shoots were sorted according to age, they exhibited markedly different and desynchronized behaviour.’
    • ‘When intermittent reproduction is synchronized within a population as ‘masting,’ it confers the benefit of desynchronizing seed predator population dynamics from seed production.’
    • ‘Third, lowering interest rates will help desynchronize the local economy from the US business cycle.’
    • ‘Was infiltration executed sequentially as assets became available, or was it more like a desynchronized drive-to-your-death scenario as trends have repeatedly demonstrated?’
    • ‘The battle rhythm of execution of ISR operations is most desynchronized with the timeline of the logistics community.’
    • ‘In it, Sala's camera coolly sweeps a crepuscular stage from odd angles with abrupt shifts, panning the musicians of the high-decibel Icelandic art-rock band Trabant, sound and sight often desynchronized.’