Definition of desultoriness in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdɛz(ə)lt(ə)rɪnəs//ˈdɛs(ə)lt(ə)rɪnəs/


  • See desultory

    • ‘For all its off-the-cuff desultoriness, this is a remarkably, if not paradoxically, charming and lovely novel about two couples and the year they spend together in Paris.’
    • ‘They also have in common a certain desultoriness which left me reflecting on the limits of the rhetoric of ‘dialogue.’’
    • ‘As she never accused herself of desultoriness, it was to be presumed that she felt satisfied with the brief but vigorous efforts of her acute intelligence.’
    • ‘Halsey, a young American who idolized the great explorers of the past, chose to record his expedition in logbook style, with its inherent dangers of desultoriness and plodding.’
    • ‘But this apparent desultoriness has been necessary, for I knew not for what branch of science I should eventually have to declare myself.’