Definition of destruct in English:



[with object]
  • Cause deliberate, terminal damage to.

    ‘the boys' war to destruct things’
    • ‘Other caves are either unreachable or destructed owing to natural calamities as well as by man-made destruction.’
    • ‘Forest officials who foil attempts to plunder and destruct the forest reserves should be honoured with promotions, increments and recognition.’
    • ‘The kind of modern scientific metaphysics (technological mode of being), with its distorted lens of representational thinking, that you find attractive is what Heidegger sets out to destruct.’
    • ‘However, the skull was superficially destructed so that several skull bones were visible through the disrupted bindings.’
    • ‘The idea of building and destructing walls and barriers is a theme common throughout the works in Concrete Horizons.’
    • ‘After debulking the tumor, a monoterminal electrode destructs the superficial skin and associated tumor while achieving concurrent hemostasis.’
    • ‘The early metazoans, the hypothetical Urmetazoa, lived in an aquatic environment and consequently were exposed to a massive load of both pro- and eukaryotic organisms trying to invade and destruct them.’
    • ‘All sectors of society need to combine efforts to prevent teenagers from smoking which not only destructs their health and mind but also compels some of them to commit serious wrongdoings.’
    • ‘This path dependency has created a foreign policy where the U.S. props up unsavoury governments which they destruct only years later.’
    • ‘They went astray from the predestined path thus destructing the overall wholeness of the planet.’
    • ‘News releases have indicated that an additional technology will allow the disk to be prematurely destructed if copyright violations are detected.’
    • ‘As Senior Vice President and Chief Engineer at MTA, he oversaw the reconstruction of the 1 and 9 subway line section which was destructed during the September 11 attacks.’
    • ‘According to this view, bureaucracy has to be destructed as it was developed for the era that manufacturing was the primary platform of delivering value added.’
    • ‘PDT uses a combination of photosensitizing drugs and light of the correct wavelength to destruct tumor cells.’
    • ‘Under that bill, terrorism could involve causing serious economic loss, or seriously destructing an infrastructure facility in a way likely to endanger human life.’
    • ‘The protesting residents and beach business operators held up banners stating that the construction is actually destructing the beach area's natural beauty, and that the area is the ‘last untouched beach area in Pattaya’.’
    • ‘When there is nothing left but ruins and desolation, a tragic vision of a world destructed by an undetermined abstract force defines what would eventually become a recurring theme in Resnais's work: the wrath of God.’
    • ‘As anticipated, the ruling Uri Party denounced the GNP's resolve, saying its struggle is irrational and aimed at destructing constitutional political order.’
    • ‘What he wanted to do was destruct and destroy things, that was his way of interacting I suppose.’
    • ‘Although you're dressed up in basque and suspenders, you've got this strength, it's as if nothing can destruct you.’


  • in singular, usually as modifier The deliberate causing of terminal damage.

    ‘press the destruct button’
    • ‘Someone needs to stay behind to set the destruct sequence.’
    • ‘This is not a viable technique ethically as it is effectively creating a human embryo with a built in destruct mechanism.’
    • ‘Now he had been firmly rebuffed, he was pressing the destruct button.’
    • ‘The other parts of the booster are the cases, igniters, nozzles, separation systems, flight instruments, recovery avionics, pyrotechnics, deceleration systems, steering equipment, and range safety destruct systems.’
    • ‘The slaughterings of bullocks and heifers - including purchase for destruct scheme - for the year to date are down by 60,000 on 2000 and the live exports of weanlings and stores are 61,000 lower than last year.’
    • ‘So, as soon as we decided that we weren't going to bail out, we went straight into our emergency destruct plan.’
    • ‘It's called the command destruct antennae, and it gives him the ability to blow up the rocket if it becomes a danger to the public.’
    • ‘During the 15th flight, the missile was destroyed by command destruct early in its flight.’
    • ‘He figured that either the Demon was out or the destruct weapon was.’
    • ‘Still, it remains hard to believe he will push the destruct button.’
    • ‘‘I'm prepared to send the destruct codes,’ Seth said, calmly, as he watched the scene unfold before him.’
    • ‘One shows Sealab's lone sane character, Dr. Quinn, using 1-800 - Call-ATT to try to prevent Capt. Murphy from blowing up the base yet again; he gets through but Murphy hits the destruct button anyway.’
    • ‘In some cases, public safety will demand a benign destruct mode for the technology.’
    • ‘Akra Jr seems to be on a major destruct mission at the moment and it's really getting me down.’
    • ‘In the end no disputing the justice of the result, but I suspect they will be cursing their pushing of that destruct button down Rathgormack way for days and even weeks to come.’


1950s (originally US): back-formation from destruction.