Definition of destock in English:



[no object]British
  • (of a retailer) reduce the quantity of stock held.

    ‘a period of destocking is possible as firms respond to lower demand’
    • ‘Cattle farms may address the framework plans requirement without destocking.’
    • ‘Given the state of the telecoms equipment market, it's no surprise to hear that this area was hit by a drop-off in spending and customer destocking.’
    • ‘The Teagasc analysis also shows that around 10% of beef farmers will completely destock and allow their land lie fallow.’
    • ‘The stocking level will be calculated on the basis of their 2001 quota, including any quota frozen in the 30% interim destocking or quota frozen under the first rural environmental protection scheme.’
    • ‘We have a small feedlot, and we've actually had to destock because it has been dry.’
    • ‘The water quality coming down the river leaves a lot to be desired and he had to destock completely through the drought and is gradually restocking.’
    • ‘Because of the debacle the plaintiff was also compelled to destock and restock twice within a period of a few years, which the court was told was a major financial disaster for any pig farmer.’
    • ‘Other issues raised by IFA were changes to the Commonage rules on destocking, closer relationship between Area Aid and REPS, the inclusion of environmental type forestry and set-aside land for REPS payments.’
    • ‘Mr. O'Grady advised farmers who do not agree with the Department of Agriculture's calculation of destocking to first of all consult with their REPS planner and then to contact the Department of Agriculture to appeal their figure.’
    • ‘Inventory adjustment, or destocking, has also been having a major negative effect.’
    • ‘One of those factors is a slight improvement in demand from the carbon steel sector, which appears to have finished destocking for now.’
    • ‘In Sligo a total of 138 farmers were assessed and 43 are actually to suffer destocking to various extents.’
    • ‘He said that IFA has sought an urgent meeting with the Department of Agriculture to assess the impact of the EU regulation on the Single Farm Payment implementing rules as they concern destocking under REPS.’
    • ‘The net figure for destocking in County Mayo is a total of 24,432 ewes.’
    • ‘These include approaches, such as community-based early warning systems, rapid destocking of livestock to protect pastoralists' purchasing power, and the use of special or restricted areas for emergency grazing.’
    • ‘This was another instance of ‘dictatorship’ by Duchas, who had already forced destocking of commonages on farmers.’
    • ‘Farmers who are required to destock have approximately one year to reduce their sheep numbers.’
    • ‘This obligation arises from an agreement with the EU Commission under which farmers with commonage who are participating in REPS receive enhanced payments of 242 per hectare to compensate for destocking.’
    • ‘Furthermore, IFA has clearly highlighted the flawed calculation process to determine destocking, which further penalises commonage farmers.’
    • ‘There had been an element of destocking by paper merchants.’