Definition of despicably in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdɛspɪkəbli//dɪˈspɪkəbli/


  • See despicable

    • ‘I believe these brave young men and women have been treated despicably by our Government.’
    • ‘Instead he was treated despicably and I hope whoever is nominated to take over will not have to go through that same sort of public humiliation.’
    • ‘Their bleating about their efforts regarding problem gambling are absolutely, completely and utterly, despicably hypocritical.’
    • ‘But this inspiring and moving parallel demonstrates yet again why he is so very, and despicably, wrong.’
    • ‘But out of sheer determination and a refusal to get dragged down by such despicably anti-social behaviour, they enjoyed the good times and battled through the bad times.’