Definition of desmoid in English:



  • Denoting a type of fibrous tumour of muscle and connective tissue, typically in the abdomen.

    • ‘In general, however, desmoid tumors are richer in collagen fibers and less cellular than IMTs, and, in addition, numerous inflammatory cells are unusual features in the desmoid tumors.’
    • ‘Desmoplastic fibroma may also resemble the desmoid tumor of soft tissue when the latter infiltrates bone.’
    • ‘Also important are aggressive desmoid disease and other rare malignant disease.’
    • ‘In one fragment, skeletal muscle appeared to be infiltrated by this process, consistent with that seen in desmoid tumor.’
    • ‘In the first part of the study, BMPs were found in both fibrous dysplasia and desmoid tumors.’


Mid 19th century: from Greek desmos ‘bond’ or desmē ‘bundle’ + -oid.